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Life on the Corner – 2 July 3, 2013

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Monday June 10

This morning I left the house and an older man (60’s or 70’s) stopped in front of me and leered down my top mumbled something and almost reached out to touch my boob before catching my eye and moving on (it’s a wonder it didn’t hit a lamp-post he was staring so hard). Yes, I guess I get people staring or commenting on my chest often, but I honestly can’t remember feeling as violated as I did today, there was something super sleazy in that little old man’s eyes that I haven’t been able to get over all day. Like “Him” says, if you are going to stare at boobs do it with your periphery that way you don’t get caught. Gross.

Tuesday June 11

Using his legs to scoot himself forward he wheeled his chair up to me with that crazed look that most of the long-time drug users down here seem to share. He looked up at me and I thought “I don’t have change, and I don’t have time for this.” He met my gaze and said “can you spare a smile?” I couldn’t help but smile, not just at his request but my reaction to him. He smiled wide and gave a little laugh, I couldn’t help but do the same, and at that he pumped his fist in the air triumphantly and shouted “it’s gonna be a great day!” I laughed harder and called after him to have a good day, “I will now sweetie” he replied. It still makes me smile.


One Response to “Life on the Corner – 2”

  1. Littlest Executive Says:

    I’ve always known you’ve got a great rack 🙂

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