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#whitegirlinIndia August 19, 2015

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Let’s all pretend I haven’t not-blogged in over a year and just move on.

As part of my Master’s Degree program I am wrapping up a month-long international practicum adventure working with an NGO in Southern India. Now, I could blog about all of the amazing experiences I have had and how much I have learned on this trip, but let’s be honest neither of us came here for that.

India has been both the most amazing and the most insanely aggravating place I have ever been. You can follow some of my adventures on twitter #whitegirlinIndia or on the Twitterfeed widget beside this post. Some highlights are:

  • It’s fucking hot here
  • Why doesn’t my air-conditioning blow cold air?
  • “Fast and reliable internet” my ass

My bunkmate (poor girl) on this adventure has encouraged me to start writing (actually she said “you have the stupid blog use it dumbass!” She gets me). So I am working on a few posts that I will try to post in the next few days (depending on my fast and reliable internet).

No one listens to signs here

No one listens to signs here


One Response to “#whitegirlinIndia”

  1. WC Says:

    Can’t wait to read more (and hear about your adventure). And hope you obeyed the sign.

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