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Ask Me! March 18, 2010

I get calls and texts all the time for suggestions, advice or in the case of my roommate, driving directions. For whatever reason people trust my opinion, plus if I don’t know the answer to something I usually know someone who does, so I can help most of the time.

This page was inspired by my cousin who said I should start an advice column. Feel free to ask me anything and I will do my best to help you out.


13 Responses to “Ask Me!”

  1. Ann Says:

    Yo… it’s me… your roommate.

    Quick question – how do you get to Horseshoe Bay from my office? And… about how long of a drive is it?

    Thank you!

    • She Says:

      You are hilarious! Depending on traffic it should only take about 20 min from your office. Head towards the Lions Gate Bridge and instead of turning on to the on-ramp go straight (but in the right hand lane) over the little bridge, the next light will have a little Husky station on the corner turn right there and get into the left hand lane, turn left at the entrance to the highway (it will make sense once you are there) I think it is the 3rd light. Then go straight until you see the ferry signs, they have changed the traffic pattern up there recently, so make sure you watch the signs pretty carefully. Also note that there is a separate exit to go to pick up/and the village vs. driving your car on to the ferry.

  2. Sumi Says:

    I noticed on your “do-gooding” page you have only one item… you should do more good. Liiike… say, saving the seals? Post please?

  3. Nicola Says:

    Whats your take on a bitchy mother in law who leaves snotty comments on your facebook page whenever you post a status update. Deleting her has crossed my mind as has telling her to stick it but its a bit bold for even me. Biting my tongue only leaves me bitter and resentful. How long should I allow her blatant disrespect, not only on Fb but in everyday life continue before its acceptable to grow a backbone and stick it to her?? She is pure evil.

    • She Says:

      Hi Nicola,

      God, how awful. No one should be allowed to treat you with disrespect, ever, whether a complete stranger or your dreaded-mother-in-law. (On a side note why are mother-in-laws so awful? I may have to do some more research on this topic.) That being said, you do have to tread carefully in your responses, because like it or not she is with you forever now that you’ve married her son.

      Here are my suggestions:
      1. Cut her completely out of your status updates. This is one extra step when posting (although I am sure someone will be able to tell us how to create and modify lists with the latest FB upgrades). All I do is click the little padlock icon and select Customize—you can enter who you don’t want to see your status from there.
      2. Do some housekeeping. Simply delete any and all comments you don’t like. I do it all the time, and while it may offend some people, frankly it’s your page and your friends and family are seeing it so you are fully within your rights to take down whatever you want. (Note: I also “untag” pictures of myself that are unflattering or compromising in anyway)

      If she calls you out on deleting anything of her wall comments, say something along the lines of “while I know you didn’t mean to be offensive or anything, someone else commented that it wasn’t very nice, so I removed it because I knew you wouldn’t want your comment to be taken that way.”

      If she is like this person as well, talk to her. But make sure you talk to your husband about your feelings first; he should be supporting you and be talking to his mother about how her behaviour is making you feel. Make sure to tell him before you talk to her about anything, you both need to be on the same page.

      Feel free to keep me posted on how it goes; I’d be more than happy to give you suggestions on how to talk to her. I am sure you, and most people reading know how good I am at telling people off.

      Much love.

  4. Jan Says:

    Just to clarify – as a soon to be mother-in-law twice, not all of mothers-in-law are evil. I am not evil yet….

  5. stressed Says:

    so what advice can you give a mother who is still stressed to the max after one wedding and another one coming up???? (besides the margarita quality control at some fabulous resort?)

    • She Says:

      Hi Stressed,

      Thanks for your question. Just remember 2 things… breathe and it’s not your wedding. Nothing will be perfect ever and when it comes to weddings at some point you just have to plan as good as you can and realize it’s just a really big party. Plus as the mother you are really just a VIP guest (with a cheque book)! 😉

      At the end of the day all that matters is that your kids are married to the people they love.

  6. Eddy Says:

    Hey, wondering if you would consider doing an honest review of a company which teaches men how to meet women in natural situations? (not the club). Yes, it’s my company :p Email attached.

    • She Says:

      Wow, super flattered Eddy! I’m really busy over the next few weeks with school, but I should have some time at the end of the month beginning of November if that works. I’ll take a better look at the website and send you an email in the next little bit for more details on exactly what you are looking for if that’s cool. Let me know!


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