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Great Cause, Great Comedy April 2, 2012

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I KNOW! OH EM GEE Three posts in three days?!?! What could be so important I just had to share? Well my good Twitter friend (yes it’s a thing) @allthethinks is hosting what will be a great event in Toronto for an amazing cause, Neuro Rehab, the event is called Brainsgiving – chance to thank your brain for doing the amazing work it does. Can’t make it to Toronto? Do what I do and spread the word and follow the hilarious six-week lead up to the event on Twitter @brainsgiving.


Need more info? In Toronto and want tickets? Want to find out about more about the Toronto Rehab’s Neuro Rehabilitation Program check out the website I know you know someone who has been affected by a brain injury, we all do, so why not have some laughs and help out?



Projecting Change Weekend April 26, 2010

This past weekend I went to the Projecting Change Movie Festival with a couple of friends. It was a weekend full of movies that focus on environmental and human rights issues. There is so much to talk about I won’t be able to do all in one post and while I didn’t get a lot out of the panel speakers or Q&A sessions, the movies were thoughtful, heart-wrenching, interesting, maddening and hopeful. Today’s post is just an overview of the movies but I’ll get into them a bit more as the days go on.

Summary of Movies:


Haiti—Local Heroes, Local Solutions April 5, 2010

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Haiti is desperate to rebuild their country after the devastating earthquake in January. Generous people from around the global have sent money and supplies to aid the rebuilding efforts. While this support is welcomed and appreciated, what Haiti really needs is local training and local skills and that will allow for sustainable, long-term solutions to the poverty they face.