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OK Fine I did a list too… January 2, 2011

Everyone and their blog has a New Year’s list… so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and do one of my own.

The inspiration for this list is my ex-boyfriend who interrupted my quiet New Year’s Eve in because, close to three years later, he has regrets and he finally needs to apologize and make amends (I asked and no he isn’t in some twelve step program). It was weird and awkward and honestly the most cathartic New Year’s Eve. I got to tell him how his actions and then lack of action affected me, and it got me thinking about all the things I should have said to people, so here you are lovely readers the “Shit I Should Have Said in 2010 List”, in no particular order:

  1. No!
  2. Thank you for always being there.
  3. No thanks, one glass is fine.
  4. I’m sorry I’d love to help but I just don’t have time.
  5. I never make New Year’s resolutions.
  6. I am so glad we are friends, and even though I know it’s too late, you should know that if you ever wanted to be more than friends, I’d be into that. I love you.
  7. Sometimes when you are joking around it hurts.
  8. I’m sorry I hurt you.
  9. I need you to be proud of me.
  10. You need to grow-up and stop treating people like they are here to serve you; you are selfish and frankly a little crazy.
  11. I’m happy.
  12. You’re not the only one dealing with shit.
  13. I surround myself with the best people, thank you for being so inspirational.
  14. I need you.
  15. I’m having so much fun right now because of you!
  16. I miss you.
  17. Please help. I realize I can’t do it all myself.
  18. You’re a massive douchebag.
  19. You know what? I am worth it.
  20. I’ll just have a salad, thanks.

So there you go, that was 2010. Now once my two-day hangover is over, I’ll be ready for 2011. Happy New Year dear readers thanks for making my first year blogging so fun!

Resolutions for 2011? Nope, although I think will order salad more often, does that count?

Is there anything you wish you’d said or done in 2010?


New Year’s Resolution Update – April May 10, 2010

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So a few people have asked if I was finally able to find something new to do for my April resolution. Yes I was. While lamenting over Sushi about how I needed something, my friend Jen suggested that the Projecting Change Movie Festival was something new I was doing. Sitting in a movie theatre for 3 days was certainly something new, but I think what she meant was sitting and educating myself on the state of the world. Then it occurred to me that I had done one more thing, I applied to go to back to school to finish my degree. (Incidentally I got an acceptance letter today!)

April, check! Now for May. Any ideas?


Running out of time! I Need Your Help! April 21, 2010

Ok so it’s not a catchy title, but it got your attention didn’t it??

Now normally I don’t make New Years Resolutions, because, well frankly I have zero willpower and I don’t like to be disappointed.

A few years ago I let my roommate choose my resolution and I was forced to go on a few terrible dates and talk to mostly freaky guys online. Granted, at the end of it all I ended up in a year-long relationship, but still, I just don’t trust her. 😉