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#whitegirlinIndia August 19, 2015

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Let’s all pretend I haven’t not-blogged in over a year and just move on.

As part of my Master’s Degree program I am wrapping up a month-long international practicum adventure working with an NGO in Southern India. Now, I could blog about all of the amazing experiences I have had and how much I have learned on this trip, but let’s be honest neither of us came here for that.

India has been both the most amazing and the most insanely aggravating place I have ever been. You can follow some of my adventures on twitter #whitegirlinIndia or on the Twitterfeed widget beside this post. Some highlights are:

  • It’s fucking hot here
  • Why doesn’t my air-conditioning blow cold air?
  • “Fast and reliable internet” my ass

My bunkmate (poor girl) on this adventure has encouraged me to start writing (actually she said “you have the stupid blog use it dumbass!” She gets me). So I am working on a few posts that I will try to post in the next few days (depending on my fast and reliable internet).

No one listens to signs here

No one listens to signs here


2011 in review January 19, 2012

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


OH EM GEE – Dating Sucks! November 16, 2010

Ah yes I’ve been dating. *insert sarcastic tone here* yay f’n me… I remember why I stopped. It is terrible out here, it is vulnerable, it is confusing and it is…lonely.

I have been on at least one or two dates per week for the last few weeks/month. And frankly it is emotionally draining and I am thinking of ending it all and getting a cat.

First dates are like job interviews, you’re nervous, you want to say the right thing, and you want to be offered the job regardless of whether you actually want it. But the most terrifying thing to me is the few moments before your date arrives when you aren’t sure they will.

Here is a time line of my recent “date” with Will (this name has not been changed and if I could remember his last name I would tell you that as well).

Two weeks ago, we exchanged numbers, he was heading back East to see his family. We texted back and forth everyday, we made a date for Monday night. On Sunday, I confirmed we were still meeting, “Absolutely!” was the reply. On Monday afternoon he confirmed the place and suggested the time 7:30/8:00. (Now, I am always early, I don’t wear my glasses on dates so I’d rather they have to find me than the other way around.)

Since I promised I wouldn’t bail at the last-minute, I went despite the fact that I was under the weather. I arrived at 7:40 and texted him to let him know where the table was.

7:45 – No reply. Inner monologue “He isn’t coming is he? Don’t be crazy you always think that, he has 15 more minutes. What if he doesn’t come? I should have brought a book. Why won’t that girl stop looking over here and whispering?, etc.”

8:00 the waitress comes by again to make sure I am OK, pretty sure she just wants the table, and the people around me started to stare and whisper.

8:20 Roomie msgs she is leaving work, what am I doing? I am being stood up. She decides to come to my rescue.

8:30 I send Will a text, “I’m leaving the restaurant now”. Translation “You are an asshole, I’m leaving the fucking restaurant now you douchebag, who doesn’t even show up for a date after making ME promise not to bail?!?!?!!?!” I try not to wish for bad things to happen to him and I order a drink.

9:00 Roomie shows up we have a late dinner. Turned out to be the best date I’ve had in a long time. Thank God for Besties!

I’ve never been stood-up before. It is humiliating, why on earth would someone do that? How do you get back on the “horse”? How do you not take that personally? Did he show up and take one look at me and bail? Did he meet someone on his way to meet me? Did he get into a terrible car accident on the way and is now disfigured for life? (Must not think nasty thoughts…) Is he just an absolute douche or am I just a dud? Stupid boys, playing stupid mind-games. I had higher self-esteem when I wasn’t dating.

Does anyone have the number for the SPCA?