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Great Cause, Great Comedy April 2, 2012

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I KNOW! OH EM GEE Three posts in three days?!?! What could be so important I just had to share? Well my good Twitter friend (yes it’s a thing) @allthethinks is hosting what will be a great event in Toronto for an amazing cause, Neuro Rehab, the event is called Brainsgiving – chance to thank your brain for doing the amazing work it does. Can’t make it to Toronto? Do what I do and spread the word and follow the hilarious six-week lead up to the event on Twitter @brainsgiving.


Need more info? In Toronto and want tickets? Want to find out about more about the Toronto Rehab’s Neuro Rehabilitation Program check out the website I know you know someone who has been affected by a brain injury, we all do, so why not have some laughs and help out?